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Aerotech Shafts

Aerotech Shafts

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About AeroTech Shafts

AeroTech Shafts are a fantastic choice that offers many options to customize them. While they are easy to play, they are also great with vibration dampening. AeroTech golf-shafts provide increased length for players who have a slower swing. The AeroTech brand plays a bit stiffer from a regular graphite shaft but maintains a smooth feel. For many players, an AeroTech designed shaft is their number one choice. They favor graphite SteelFiber models because they have been a top contender in many major tournaments. Though Aerotech can be a little bit pricey, players find that they are well worth it on the golf course. AeroTech designs their golf-shafts to play with a feeling close to graphite yet with the control of a steel shaft.

Why players choose AeroTech Shafts?

  • Tour Proven for the Serious Golfer
  • Players no longer need to decide between 100% graphite or 100% steel.
  • They combine the power of graphite AND the stability of steel.
  • Lower scores and increase player enjoyment.

At the core of SteelFiber shaft is filament-wound carbon fiber. The filament winding process yields a seamless and incredibly uniform bending golf shaft. AeroTech Shafts offer a high strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber. This perfect ratio blend delivers the desired stiffness and strength. This balance in strength and weight give increased clubhead speed and promote greater distance.