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Aerotech Golf Shafts

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Aerotech Golf Shafts

Aerotech Golf Shafts are an amazing choice with several customization options for your preference. While Aerotech golf shafts are easy to play they are also great with vibration dampening. Aerotech golf shafts offer increasing length players who have a slower swings. Aerotech Shafts play stiffer from a regular graphite shaft while maintaining an easy feel. For many players Aerotech golf shafts are their number one choice because the Aerotech graphite steelfiber shafts have been a top contender in many major tournaments.Though Aerotech shafts can be a bit pricey players find these premium shafts well worth it on the course. Aerotech golf shafts play with a feeling close to steel and incorporate steelfiber technology while employing the benefits of graphite.
Aerotech Graphite Steelfiber Shafts Technology

Why do players choose SteelFiber Golf Club Shafts?

  • Serious golfers know technology and innovation are game-changers, and nothing has proven that on Tour more clearly than graphite SteelFiber shafts.
  • Aerotech's SteelFiber shafts introduced an entirely new technology category in iron shafts. Players no longer need to decide between 100% graphite or 100% steel.
  •  SteelFiber combines the power of graphite AND the stability of steel.
  •  The steelfiber shafts unique composite design lowers scores and increases player enjoyment. Aerotech golf shafts performance benefits have now been embraced as custom options with every major equipment manufacturer.

At the core of the SteelFiber shaft is filament-wound carbon fiber. The filament winding process yields a seamless and incredibly uniform bending golf shaft. The high strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber delivers the desired stiffness and strength properties at lighter weights than steel, and the lightweight properties of graphite increase clubhead speed and promote greater distance.