True Temper Iron Shafts

True Temper Iron Shafts

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Championship Leading True Temper Iron Shafts

True Temper Iron Shafts provide tour caliber control and performance at very affordable prices so that even weekender golfers can have a set of professional grade irons in their bag. More players have True Temper in their golf bags than any other shaft. The company is over 100 years old and has sold over one billion steel shafts to date. The foundation for True Tempers golf shaft engineering began back in 1902 with a combined effort from several forging companies.

In the 1930s the company started promoting True Temper Iron Shafts at golf tournaments. At this time the significant difference in True Temper shafts was that they were made out of steel as opposed the hickory which most other golf shafts were constructed from in those days. As their popularity and demand quickly started to grow a young golfer by the name of Byron Nelson won 18 tournaments playing True Temper iron shafts in 1945.

Growth Of True Temper Shafts

Since then the company has continued to grow and perfect their steel iron shafts to fit any player profile. In 1967 the designed a mechanical golfing robot to test their golf shafts. By the 1980s True Temper has a service trailer at all of the major gold tournaments to service players right on the spot at the championships. At this point, approximately 95% of all professional golfers have True Temper iron shafts in their golf bags. Today they are the leading shaft manufacturer in the world and still played by most touring professionals.

Pick out your True Temper iron shafts, then heads and grips. Call us or e-mail us here at Tour Shop Fresno and provide your order number and exact specs. Then we will have our club builders make your custom True Temper clubs for free. If you do not see a head, grip or any other component that you need get in touch with us. We most likely have what you need but have not had a chance to list it yet. You should be able to find all True Temper Iron shafts that have been manufactured in the last several years though. You can reach us on our contact form through the link on the bottom of our website. We can also be reached by phone at 559-271-2024