Mitsubishi Iron Shafts

Mitsubishi Iron Shafts

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Best Mitsubishi Iron Shafts

What do we get when teams of engineers and designers put their heads together and develop something brand new? The answer: Mitsubishi Iron shafts. Owing to hours of tour testing, these shafts have proven themselves to be consistently reliable. In fact, they deliver under even the worst of pressure. Most importantly, they are a perfect blend of quality and price.

Iron Shaft features

  • ultra lightweight
  • a combination of carbon fiber and resin
  • Low Resin Content Prepreg
  • Titanium Nickel Wire
  • a variety of weight and flex options

Mitsubishi Iron shafts provide proper feedback. This feature is possible thanks to a newly combined structure of carbon fibers and resin. Namely, the aforementioned materials are woven into a “braid,” which helps prevent twisting. As a result, this new and improved way of crafting shafts minimizes vibration. It is also worth mentioning that Mitsubishi Iron shafts can be a perfect complement to the woods in a set of clubs. Therefore, we can now experience game-play that’s enhanced on every level.