Alpha RX Low Pro Fairway Wood Heads

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Alpha RX Low Pro Fairway Wood Heads are designed with a lower center of gravity which makes it easy for players to get their shots up in the air. Golfers will experience faster shots with the RX Low Pro due to the smooth and friction-less sole. The RX Pro is a surprisingly forgiving because it was built with a wide body that allows for the center of gravity to be moved way back. The popularity of Alpha's RX Low Pro has become so great that they are being offered in lofts 13° on thru 36°, players are not only maintaining better control but gaining yards on every shot.

Player Profile: High to Low handicappers


  • 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Black gloss body
  • Brushed steel face
  • .335 hosel diameter

*LH lofts available in 15°, 19°, 23°, 27°

Lofts 13° 15° 19° 23° 27° 30° 33° 36°
Volume 1850cc 185cc 170cc 155cc 140cc 140cc 120cc 120cc
Face Angle -0.5° -0.5° -0.5° -0.5° -0.5° -0.5° -0.5° -0.5°
Lie 57° 57° 57.5° 58° 58.5° 58.5° 59.5° 59.5°
Weight 206g 210g 220g 225g 229g 234g 239g 244g
Face Height 35mm 35mm 34mm 33mm 32mm 31mm 31mm 31mm
Length 43.5" 43" 42" 41.5" 41" 40.5" 40" 39.5"
Swing Weight D3 D3 D3 D3 D3 D3 D3 D3