Tensei Shafts

Tensei Shafts

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Enhance Playability with Mitsubishi Tensei Shafts

MCA-Golf who in their earlier days were Mitsubishi Rayon is perhaps the most sought-after brand throughout the golfing industry. It's agreeable now among most players that other golf shaft brands tend to create utter confusion on an annual basis. By releasing numerous new codes, names, and colors in their shafts, each year players can never keep up with other brands changes. However, MCA-Golf has stuck to the same script with their Mitsubishi Tensei Shafts.

Mitsubishi Tensei Shafts are a premium graphite shaft. Tensei color schemes are as follows Orange are counter-balanced low launching shafts, players seeking high launch will find it in the red, and both white and blue models are mid launch.

Tensei Shafts Looks

The Mitsubishi Tensei sports the same basic graphics style through there various product lines. A band of color up near the butt that defines the model by color. Also, the weave can is visible near the butt end. Distractions are removed by giving most of the shaft a black finish.