Swing Weighting - Iron (each)

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Swing weight is how heavy the head of a club feels. Some players like a light weight feel and others like a heavy feel. Generally, the lighter the head feels the faster the club head speed can be. Ideally all the clubs in a set should feel the same; swing weighted. Many off the shelf clubs have not been swing weighted unless your buying high end clubs from companies like Ping, Mizzuno, Callaway etc. Service includes removal of grip, addition/removal of weight inside the shaft in the hozel area, to adjust to the desired swing weight, and then cleaning and reinstalling the grip. Swing weights range from A1 to G10, but most irons are in the C and D range. If swing weight is to be reduced to less than the raw head weight, back weighting(see separate service) can be done which adds weight to the butt end to make the club feel lighter at the head.

For 8 clubs, purchase 8 of these, etc.