Swing Science Hybrid Heads

Swing Science Hybrid Heads

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Swing Science Hybrid Heads perfectly complement Swing Science shafts for the best performance matching and style. The latest addition to the Swing Science Hybrid model line up are the FC-One adjustable hybrid heads. The adjustable heads  are a compliment of the FC-ONE adjustable driver heads, as well as, the FC-ONE fairway wood. They are also styled in the same fashion as the driver and fairway wood, however, the Swing Science hybrid heads offer adjustable lofts between 18° and 22° degrees. They can be configured in a total of eight different configurations to best match a players profile.

Face Angles: Swing Science Hybrid Heads

Additionally, Swing Science Hybrid Heads have a face angle that can range from 2 degrees closed thru 2 degrees open due to the heads adjustable hosel. Through the FC-ONE driver, fairway and hybrid heads, Swing Science has been able to provide a 1 Degree incremental loft offering which ranges from 8.5 all the way to 22 degrees. A club fitter can find a good fit for any player given this wide range of variety.

Swing Science Hybrid Heads also have some internal technology that can not necessarily be seen. One of the internal advantages of these hybrid heads are their honey comb crown design. Honey Comb design reduces weight and thins the walls down to a fraction of a millimeter. Swing Science has removed the discretionary weight and added it back into the sole. Moving the weight lowers the heads center of gravity. Furthermore, the FC-One is designed with a maraging steel face which acts like a spring to increase ball speed compared to stainless steel. The variable thickness design insures that off center shots will have ball speeds similar to perfectly centered on target strikes.

Legacy Hybrid Heads

Players can still purchase some of the Swing Science heads that are a little older. Some legacy heads include the 200 Series and 800 Series Swing Science Hybrid Heads. However, most players will find the newer FC-One models built with their performance matched shafts to be the best options.  For stability, performance, control and forgiveness the FC-One series is unmatched.

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