Cut Butt .355 Taper Tip Shaft to your Specification

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Cut Butt end of one shaft to your Specification, or as defined below.

Normally, shafts are installed before butt cutting the shaft to playing length.

Hosel bore depths are not always the same, particularly after

That is so the bottom of hosel bore, to ground distance, is included/correct in the total playing length.

Generally, the bottom of bore to ground dimension(BBG) is 1-1/4" BUT NOT ALWAYS; check your heads for BBG.

Lie angle adjustment of heads does change playing length and affect swing weight.

The thickness of grip butt caps does vary, so we recommend not trimming to allow for the grip.

We do not recommend butt cutting shafts before being installed in heads.

Unless you tell us otherwise we cut .355 Taper Tip shafts 'assuming' 1 1/4" bottom of bore to ground dimension and no allowance lie, or thickness of grip cap.

So men's steel 6 Iron would arrive as  37.5" - 1 1/4" = 36 1/4" 

Note: when swing weight matching clubs,.. butt lengths might need to be different to get exactly what you want, with the grips you use.


Products we modify for you are not returnable, or refundable, unless we make an obvious mistake.



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