Swing Science 200 Series Graphite Wood Shafts

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Swing Science 200 Series Graphite Wood Shafts are constructed using a light weight design and a low flex point. Golfers can take advantage from a wide range of flex in the 200 Series graphite wood model. The Swing Science 200 Series offers amazing feedback coupled with higher launching generation with every strike.  With the 200 Series woods players can acquire a high performance wood shaft at a more than reasonable price. They also stand out with with satin black color on top of a shiny silver which allows these wood shafts to blend perfectly with almost every head available on the market today. 

L High 4.5 70g .600″ .335″ 46″
A High 4.5 70g .600″ .335″ 46″
R High 4.5 70g .600″ .335″ 46″
S High 4.5 70g .600″ .335″ 46″