Swing Science 400 Series Graphite Driver Shaft

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The Swing Science 400 Series Graphite Driver Shaft comes with a .335" tip and is 46" in length before being cut to playing length. Swing Science designers gave the 400 Series graphite wood shaft a colorful and shiny look with blue and silver colors. The 400 Series graphite driver shaft features a mid launch and it is perfect for players searching for a highly responsive shaft. The ultralight 400 Series driver has been specifically designed for players of above average skill lever who need help getting ball spin while launching from the tee!

Technical Note: All 400 Series Iron Shafts exhibit a CPM tolerance of ± 2 CPM
A Mid 4.0 65g .600″ .335″ 46″
R Mid 4.0 65g .600″ .335″ 46″
S Mid 4.0 65g .600″ .335″ 46″