KBS Tour Wedge Shafts - Black Anodized .370 Parallel Tip

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Short Distance Precision

The KBS Wedge offers players a stability-enhanced version of the Tour shaft in our signature black nickel finish. Following the same design concepts of the Tour shaft, the KBS wedge streamlines energy transfer while incorporating firm cross-sectional features. In performance, this translates to player control with enhanced player 'feel' through contact

The KBS Wedge shaft optimizes the Tour shaft design one step further for proximity shots by bolstering the tip section and incorporating our signature black nickel finish. The bolstered tip provides players increased stability while the black nickel finish maximizes player focus by reducing glare. A precision choice for short distance shots.

Tapered Tip Specs

Shaft TypeWt.Butt Dia.Tip Dia.Length*TorqueBall FlightFrequencySwing Speed**
Regular 110g .600" .355" discrete 2.1 mid 5.1 D: 90mph / 5i: 80mph
Stiff 120g .600" .355" discrete 2 low-mid 6.1 D: 100mph / 5i: 90mph
X-Stiff 130g .600" .355" discrete 1.9 low 7.1 D: 110+ mph / 5i: 100mph

**The Swing Speed measures above are a basic assumption for player fittings. They do not incorporate the many variables that are considered when being properly fitted. The KBS Tour shaft design allows for a high degree of customization and we encourage player's seek out a professional fitting to take advantage of these features to properly fit their game.
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