KBS Tour C-Taper Stepless Satin Wedge Shaft .355 Taper Tip

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Be one of the first to get these new advanced technology shafts.

" Third party testing in San Diego California at a renowned Robot testing facility, showed the new KBS Tour C-Taper shaft out distanced all competition by up to 12 yards. The KBS Tour C-Taper also proved to promote a lower flight with less spin, culminating in increased distance."

We are one of the first shops to get these in all flexes

Regular  120 gram  .355 taper tip  -  3-PW
Regular +  120 gram  .355 taper tip  -  3-PW
Stiff      120 gram  .355 taper tip  -  3-PW
Stiff +  125 gram  .355 taper tip  -  3-PW
X-Stiff 130 gram  .355 taper tip  -  3-PW

Partial sets, wedge shafts and 2 iron shafts are available for $35 each shaft. If you do not see what you want contact us. 

These shafts were designed by legendary shaft designer Kim Braley, son of Dr. Braley, the godfather of frequency matching. Kim Braley, who along with his father Dr. Joe Braley created the original Royal Precision/Brunswick Frequency Chart. Kim has designed the Rifle, Flighted Rifle, and Project X shafts among many others.