KBS Tour Hybrid Shafts .370 Parallel Tip

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Longer Distance and Control? No Problem

The KBS Hybrid shaft offers players a logical component to their hybrid club selection. As a steel shaft, the KBS Hybrid offers unmatched consistency in design and performance versus commonly used graphite for hybrids. By selecting steel for hybrid play, players eliminate the multi-material and competing properties found in graphite. This allows for precision performance during a players swing.

Designed to enhance ball dispersion and shot control in longer distance situations, the KBS Hybrid shaft maximizes energy flow with our signature MOI-based construction. Switch to steel and benefit tremendously from making the right choice.


Tapered Tip Specs

Shaft TypeWt.Butt Dia.Tip Dia.Length*TorqueBall FlightFrequencySwing Speed**
Regular 100g .600" .370" 43.5" 2.6 mid 5 D: 90mph / 5i: 80mph
Stiff 105g .600" .370" 43.5" 2.4 low-mid 6 D: 100mph / 5i: 90mph
X-Stiff 110g .600" .370" 43.5" 2.2 low 7 D: 110+ mph / 5i: 100mph

**The Swing Speed measures above are a basic assumption for player fittings. They do not incorporate the many variables that are considered when being properly fitted. The KBS Tour shaft design allows for a high degree of customization and we encourage player's seek out a professional fitting to take advantage of these features to properly fit their game.
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