Graphite Design YS Nano Reloaded Driver Shafts

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Graphite Design YS Nano Reloaded Shafts Details


The YS NanoReloaded re-ignites a shaft brand model long known for performance and quality. In a quest to maintain the similar performance characteristics as the YS+ series, the engineers at Graphite Design took the YS+ wood shaft profiles and combined them with the high performance, NANOALLOY material technology of the Tour AD DI, also known as “DI Technology”, to create the new YS NanoReloaded wood shafts. Manufactured using 46t premium carbon fiber materials the addition of the DI Technology provides the new YS NanoReloaded with additional stability without the loss of feel.


The YS NanoReloaded wood shafts are available in 50g L, A, R and S Flex, as well as 60g and 70g in R, S and X Flex.


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Graphite Design YS Nano Reloaded Shafts