Graphite Design TOUR AD HY Hybrid Shafts

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Graphite Design Tour AD HY Hybrid Shafts Details


Graphite Design introduces the latest addition to the Tour AD premium line of hybrid golf shafts, the Tour AD HY. Designed and manufactured at the Graphite Design Japan factory headquarters, the new Tour AD HY hybrid shafts are available in four weights of 65g and 75g in R and S flex, 85g in R, S and X flex and 95g in S and X flex.


Designed with the Tour AD DI Hybrid profile in mind, the new Tour AD HY hybrid is softer in the tip and mid-section and slightly stiffer in the butt section of the shaft, to promote a higher ball flight than the Tour AD DI Hybrid shafts.


Revolutionary technology, design and the most advanced materials are trademarks in all Graphite Design shafts, making them the highest quality premium golf shafts on the market today. Validating the company’s “Tour AD” logo, all of Graphite Design’s PGA Tour-proven shafts are specifically designed to promote a gain in Accuracy and Distance.


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Graphite Design TOUR AD HY Hybrid Shafts