Graphite Design G-Tech Wood Driver Shafts

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Graphite Design G-Tech Driver Shafts Details

Designed to meet the needs of club builders and hobbyist alike, the combination flexes of the G-Tech Wood and Iron shafts in A/L flex with a white and gold graphic and R/S flex with a black and gold graphic provides a wide array of options. The G-Tech Wood shafts are 47″ long with a 5.0″ tip parallel section and .335″ tip diameter to provide plenty of room for tip trimming and shaft flex tuning. The G-Tech Iron shafts are 41″ long with a 6″ tip parallel tip section and .370″ tip diameter. The G-Tech line compliments the quality and performance reputation that Graphite Design is so well know for.

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Graphite Design G-Tech Iron Shafts