Aldila RIP Hybrid Shafts

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Aldila RIP Hybrid Shafts

The Aldila RIP was introduced to the golf consumer in 2010. RIP stands for reverse interlaminar placement.  Meaning, some of the bias plies that create torque were moved from the placement near the mandral to the outside of the shaft walls. The longitudinal plies, that create stiffness were sandwiched between the bias plies.  This reconfiguration increased torque and hoop strength, creating a more stable shaft with a different feel.

The profile is a change from the Aldila NV, like many of today’s designs, it shows multiple hinge points. It is one of the few shafts that lose stiffness toward the tip will holding low torque. The 70g version is a good shaft for creating mid to high launch fairways.

With the introduction of the RIP line of shafts, Aldila began putting torque numbers on the label.  With the 60 gram versions we found the torque numbers a little higher than our system, while the 70 gram versions we quite similar to our measurements.  The radial profiles are very good, the shafts can be installed in any orientation.

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