ACCRA Tourx Xtreme Zx200 Driver Shaft

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ACCRA Tourx Xtreme ACCRA Zx200 Driver Shaft

The Tour Zx400 series incorporates an improved thin wall design to increase the transfer of energy and provide unparalleled feedback to the golfer.

ACCRA pioneered the thin wall thick technology using a combination of super high modulus composite materials and the addition of Kevlar to provide stability. Thinner walls absorb less vibration and enable the shaft to recover faster, this combination creates speed, tight dispersion and great feel in a shaft that is “Xtreme” with regards to stability.

Any golfer looking to add stability, lower launch conditions and lower spin must test the ACCRA Tour Zx400 Xtreme series of shafts.


Click here to see all the Specs and Information at ACCRA site.

ACCRA Tourx Xtreme ACCRA Zx400 Driver Shaft