Royal Collection Tour VS Forged 3-PW Set

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Royal Collection Tour VS Forged,... one of Japan's best club lines.

This is a custom built set of Irons 3-PW with Dynamic Gold Shafts and Golf Pride New Decade Grips.
After purchase we will contact you to gather the details like: how do you want shafts aligned, do you want grip logo up or down, what length do you want your clubs, what swing weight do you want, do you need lofts and lies adjusted up or down, etc.

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30% of the Japan PGA Tour play the fairway clubs.

Many PGA Champion Tour Players are playing wedges, fairways and hybrids.

Bill Glasson RC Jp104 14-3 Wood, Rc Dual Bite CP 60-Wedge
Bill Rogers RC Tour VS 10-Driver
Bruce Flescher RC Dual Bite Cp -52,56,60 wedge, Jp104 18 hybrid
Bruce Vaughn RC Dual Bite CP -52.56 , 60 Wedge
Dan Forsman RC VS Tour Irons 3-PW
Dana Qiugley RC JP 104 15 3 Wood
David Frost RC Dual Bite -56 Wedge
Fred Funk RC Dual Bite CP 52,58 Wedge
Fuzzy Zoeller RC CP Dual Bite -52 Wedge
Ian Woosman RC Dual Bite CP 60-Wedge, RC Tour VS Irons 4-PW
J L Lewis RC Dual Bite CP 52,56 Wedge
James Mason RC CP wedge 58 and jp104 3 wood 14 loft
Jay Seigel RC Dual Bite BK 58-Wedge
Jim Thorpe RC Dual Bite CP -58 Wedge, VS Tour Driver 10 Loft
John Jacobs JP RC 104 Driver 9.5 Loft
John Morse RC Dual Bite Cp 56,60 Wedge, Jp 104 -14 3 Wood
Keith Fergus RC Dual Bite CP-60 Wedge
Larry Nelson Maruman Shuttle 15-3 Wood
Mark Hayes RC JP104 14-3 Wood, RC Dual Bite BK 52 & 58-Wedge
Mitch Adcock JP 104 15-3 Wood, RC Dual Bite CP 52 -Wedge
Peter Jacobsen RC JP 104 15-3 Wood
Robert Thompson RC Dual Bite CP -52,58 Wedge JP 104 14 3 Wood
Rod Spittle RC Dual Bite CP-52 Wedge
Roger Chapman JP104 RC FH 18 loft
Sandy Lyle RC Dual Bite CP 58-Wedge, RC JP104 FH 18-Hybrid
Tim Simpson RC Dual Bite CP -56 Wedge, Jp!04 14 3 Wood
Tom Jenkins RC Tour VS Irons 4-PW
Tom Kite RC Dual Bite CP 52,56 Wedge
Tom Wargo JP 104 15-3 Wood, RC Dual Bite CP 52 -Wedge
Tom Watson RC Dual Bite CP -52,56 Wedge
Tony Jacklin Maruman Shuttle 15-3 Wood
Wayne Levi RC Dual Bite CP 58 Wedge, JP 104 -15 3 Wood