Mitsubishi Driver Shafts

Mitsubishi Driver Shafts

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Innovative Mitsubishi Driver Shafts

Many golfers can attest that reliability is the key in golf. For this reason, Mitsubishi Driver Shafts are among the favorites. Advanced materials coupled with ingenious design and striking innovation have produced one of the best high-performance golf shafts to this day. As such, it is a clear choice for many professionals.

Mitsubishi Shaft: Features

  • Low Resin Content
  • Titanium Nickel Wire
  • Multi-Dimensional Interlay construction
  • high balance point: lighter swings, increased distance
  • reduced shaft deformation at impact
  • tour-proven

Mitsubishi Driver Shafts continue to prove themselves game after game. Moreover, they strive to push the boundaries of shaft performance. As a matter of fact, expert engineers thoroughly test and perfect each shaft before release. This way, golf players worldwide can trust it to perform exactly as they need. Not only are these shafts perfectly engineered, but they are stylish as well. Furthermore, ion plating trumps simple paint and gives the Driver shafts a sophisticated finish.