Swing Science FC-ONE Plus Hybrid Head

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The Swing Science FC-ONE Plus Hybrid Head was designed to improve the performance of lower skill level player who have slower swing speeds. However, the FC-ONE plus will perform well for golfers of any skill level. Swing Science recommends pairing their hybrid head with its FC-ONE shaft counterpart for the best performance. Though, you can use the these heads with just about any brand of shaft you like. By combining Swing Science grips, heads and shafts, your custom club builder will have an almost infinite number of options.


ClubLoftLieWeightVolumeFace heightLengthSwing Weight
HY 24 59 236g 130cc 31mm Variable Variable


DimensionsMaterials & Finish
Inside Diameter: 9.5mm Face: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Outside Diameter: 13.5mm Body: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Bore Depth: 32mm Finish Paint: Matte Black
Bulge: 13 Inch  
Roll: 13 Inch  
Face Angle: 0.0