Swing Science 200 Series HYBRID Heads

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 Swing Science 200 Series HYBRID Heads are suitable for players of all skill level. The 200 Series features a high MOI with a low and deep center of gravity which helps golfers to easily launch the ball with every swing. 200 Series Hybrid heads have both a face and body which has been designed using 17 4 stainless steel and they are finished in a shiny black.

Hybrid 18 59 230 120cc 34mm 40.50″ D2
Hybrid 21 59.5 236 115cc 33.5mm 40.00″ D2
Hybrid 24 60 242 110cc 33mm 39.50″ D2


DimensionsMaterials & Finish
Inside Diameter: 8.6mm Face: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Outside Diameter: 12.5mm Body: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Bore Depth: 32mm Finish Paint:  Black
Bulge: 12-14 Inch  
Roll: 12-16 Inch  
Face Angle: 0-H1