Swing Science 200 Series FAIRWAY Wood Heads

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Swing Science 200 Series FAIRWAY Wood Heads have the exact same stylish lines that the 200 Series drivers have. The 200 Series Fairway Woods are a good fit for players of any skill level and their low center of gravity mixed with with a high moment of inertia allow for longer and straighter shots. Swing Science 200 Series offers substantial forgiveness and control so that even players of lower skill can improve their game and make better shots. Also, 200 Series Fairway woods will match perfectly with the 200 Series shafts, though they can be custom built on almost any other shaft so that you can make your fairway woods as stylish as you want them.

3 15 58 210 150cc 35mm 43.00″ D2
5 18 58.5 218 140cc 34mm 42.00″ D2
7 21 59 226 130cc 33mm 41.00″ D2


DimensionsMaterials & Finish
Inside Diameter: 8.6mm Face: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Outside Diameter: 12.5mm Body: 17-4 Stainless Steel
Bore Depth: 32mm Finish Paint: Black
Bulge: 12-14 inch  
Roll: 14-16 inch  
Face Angle: 0-H1