Swing Science FC-One Plus Driver Heads

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Swing Science FC-One Plus Driver Heads were specifically designed for the extreme game enhancing market. The FC-ONE Plus Drive is the most forgiving driver head in the golf industry to date and players of all skill levels can take advantage from these heads. Swing Science heads offer a huge variety of options for custom club builds and the FC-ONE Plus is no exception to that rule.


ClubLoftLieWeightVolumeFace HeighLengthSwing Weight
DR 14 60 202 460cc


DimensionsMaterials & Finish
Inside Diameter: 8.6mm Face: 6-4 Titanium
Outside Diameter: 12.7mm Body: 6-4 Titanium
Bore Depth: 35mm Finish Paint: Matte Black
Bulge: 12 Inch  
Roll: 12 Inch  
Face Angle: -0.5