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True Temper ELEVATE 95 VSS .355 Iron Shafts

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.355 Taper
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True Temper ELEVATE 95 VSS Iron Shafts are an ultra-lightweight steel option which produces high ball spin. The Elevate 95 also holds more green with a high launch complemented by optimized landing angles. They are one of the softest steel shafts available. Their soft feel comes from a 71 percent reduction in shaft vibration from  Vibration Suppression System (VSS) technology.

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Shafts Flex Weight Launch Butt OD Tip OD Length
ELEVATE 95 R 93 *trimmed High 0.600" 0.355" 2I 40.5" - PW 36.5"
ELEVATE 95  S 94 *trimmed High  0.600" 0.355" 2I 40.5" - PW 36.5"
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