Project X HZRDUS T1100 Driver Shafts - Hand Crafted - Graphite - .335 Tip

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Performance Enhancing HZDRDUS T1100

Project X handcrafts the HZDRDUS T1100 in San Diego, California. And, some of the gold players in the golfing industry design these premium shafts. This shaft is apart of the Project X family and produces some of the lowest launching and spinning options out there to date. These shafts used by the pros are top notch! You will find these in the hands of some of the greatest golfers.

The HZDRDUS T1100 doesn't boast a big stiff feeling as one would think, but more boardy and harsh. This shaft is not for the slow swinger and is a bit on the heavy side. Qualities of this shaft are:

  • Very Stable Feel
  • Weight distribution is even
  • Low torque at impact

The HZDRDUS T1100 is for the Fast Swingers

This shaft is excellent and has a low "kick" when it impacts as one might expect. Weight distribution plays a large part in giving these shafts that low kicking point. These driver shafts make the fast swingers game better. It offers a counterbalance that will allow for swifter speeds at the head and essentially creating a harder connection with the ball. This more forceful impact will ensure for longer and more accurate distances.

This shaft is very stiff but very light at the same time. This T1100 graphite shaft offers a robust and rigid bend profile throughout the shaft. And, that is the Ultimate in spin killers. Don't overthink your golf shaft selection. Study and understand the unique differences in all the golf-shafts that we have to offer. There is a shaft that fits everyone and every kind of golfer.

If you are a faster swinging player who is looking for lowered ball spins to improve your game than this may be the right shaft for your golf bag. Taking the time to know and understand how you swing, will help you with your decisions of what golf-shafts you need to carry. Go ahead and take the HZDRDUS T1100 out for a try.

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