Fujikura DAYTONA AIR SPEEDER Driver Shafts - Graphite - .335 Tip

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Fujikura DAYTONA SPEEDER Driver Shafts were designed utilizing all of the innovations in research and testing from the renowned Jewel Line from Fujikura, combined with the latest high-grade materials to deliver unprecedented distance and performance.  Daytona Speeder is the first shaft to include high-spec carbon “M40X” (exceeding T1100G) used to create more ball speed and Boron fibers are used full-length to ensure incredible feel.


  • Toray’s High-Spec Carbon “M40X”
  • 90 Ton Carbon Fiber
  • MR70 x T1100G
  • RC15% – Ultra-Low Resin Content
  • High-Strength Boron Fiber


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Shaft Specs:

Model Flex Length Weight Torque Par. Tip Length Butt Dia. Bend Point Spin Launch
DAYTONA SPEEDER R 47 51.5 3.9 3.0 .595 L L M/H
DAYTONA SPEEDER SR 47 56 3.3 3.0 .600 L L M/H
DAYTONA SPEEDER S 47 61 2.7 3.0 .600 L L M/H
DAYTONA SPEEDER X 47 64 2.7 3.0 .605 L L M/H
DAYTONA SPEEDER XX 47 66.5 2.6 3.0 .610 L L M/H
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