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ACCRA TZ RPG LBP Driver Shafts - Graphite - .335 Tip

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ACCRA LBP Driver Shafts Begin with a unique design that enhances energy transfer more than any previous shaft that ACCRA has developed.

The utilizes the finest materials from Toray Japan including a new five directional ultra-light weight weave that runs the entire length of the shaft to add stability and increase the rate of recovery. This weave is combined with multiple layers of the most advanced aerospace grade, high modulus composite materials with the lowest resin to graphite ratio we have ever achieved. This results in a shaft that exceeds expectations of strength and smooth “feel”.

The butt section is specifically designed to promote “feel” and accentuate a golfers ability to load the club. Combine this with a mid and tip section that enhances torsional stability and a higher rate of recovery than we have ever attained previously creating a revolutionary shaft.

Once ACCRA developed this amazing shaft, we took it one step further. Always thinking of creating options for professional club fitters, ACCRA isolated the balance point as an integral component to fitting a golf shaft. Within the RPG line every weight and flex option there is also and option with a high and low balance point.

This takes fitting and building a club to a new level!!

Many companies offer “Counter Balanced” shafts, but the profile of that shaft never matches other premium shafts. Only ACCRA offers 2 versions of the same shaft - all specifications remain the same…..just the balance point changes.

Once again, ACCRA pushes the boundaries of professional custom fitting.

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ModelTypeFlexMassBalance Pt.S3Butt EiMid EiTip EiS3 CPMTorqueButtTipLengthParallel
352L Driver/Fwy M3 58.0 23.5 10.7 75.0 42.0 23.0 258 3.8 0.620 0.335 46 3
352L Driver/Fwy M4 59.0 23.5 10.6 80.0 44.0 25.0 266 3.5 0.620 0.335 46 3
362L Driver/Fwy M4 68.0 23.5 10.6 80.0 45.0 27.0 266 3.3 0.620 0.335 46 3
362L Driver/Fwy M5 69.0 23.5 10.6 83.4 48.0 28.5 276 3.0 0.620 0.335 46 3
372L Driver/Fwy M5 76 23.5 10.6 82.4 48 28.5 276 2.8 0.620 0.335 46 3
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