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LA Golf OZIK TPZ Putter Shafts - Graphite - .370 Tip

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The revolutionary TPZ Putter shaft is already a proven winner and record setter on the PGA Tour
amassing 7 PGA Tour wins and establishing records for the Strokes Gained Putting in a tournament,
+14.263, and a total distance of putts made, 558 feet.

The proprietary material technology incorporated in the shaft laminate yields unmatched stability
through extreme stiffness and low torque while maintaining exceptional feel through the implementation
of constrained layer damping technology and Zylon fibers.100%

Made in the U.S.A.

•  135’s are standard length, 36”
•  180’s are “forearm grip” putters at 46”

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Type Flex Weight Torque Butt Diam Spin Launch
OZIK TPZ - 125g 2.5 .640 -- --
OZIK TPZ - 135g 2.4 .640 -- --
OZIK TPZ - 180g 2.2 .640 -- --
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