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LA Golf Michelle Wie West Signature Series Fairway Shafts - .335 Tip

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LA Golf Michelle Wie West Signature Series Fairway Shafts

Want to add more distance and accuracy to your long game?

These high-performance LA Golf Michelle Wie West Signature Series Fairway Shafts are designed to deliver maximum launch and spin. They're perfect for golfers who want to get the most out of their game. With a wide variety of options available, you can find the perfect shaft to match your playing style. Whether you're looking for more distance or more accuracy, these shafts will help you take your game to the next level.

  • High: High Launch, Mid Spin

  • Mid: Mid Launch, Mid Spin 

  • LowLow Launch, Low Spin 

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Type Flex Weight Torque Butt Diam Spin Launch
LOW - 60 4(S) 70g 4.0   LOW LOW
LOW - 60 5(X) 71g 4.0   LOW LOW
LOW - 60 3(R) 65g 3.5   LOW MID
LOW - 70 4(S) 79g 3.2   LOW LOW
LOW - 70 5(X) 80g 3.2   LOW LOW
MID - 50 3(R) 60g 5.1   MID MID
MID - 50 4(S) 62g 4.5   MID MID
MID - 60 3(R) 72g 5.1   MID MID
MID - 60 4(S) 73g 4.2   MID MID
MID - 60 5(X) 74g 3.5   MID MID
HIGH - 40 1(L) 45g 6.0   HIGH MID
HIGH - 40 2(A) 52g 5.4   HIGH MID
HIGH - 40 3(R) 53g 5.4   HIGH MID
HIGH - 50 2(A) 55g 4.8   HIGH MID
HIGH - 50 3(R) 57g 4.8   HIGH MID
HIGH - 50 4(S) 60g 4.5   HIGH MID
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