KBS $-TAPER HT Iron Shafts - Steel - .355 Tip

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New KBS $-TAPER HT Iron Shafts share the same bend profile as the original KBS TOUR with elongated step patterns for spin, generating a stable performance throughout the swing with a heavier tip. $-Taper HT delivers the same KBS $-Taper tight dispersion added with a heavier tip, and is designed for players seeking a heavier swing weight when playing or coming into a lighter shaft and want to keep a consistent swing weight in the D2 to D3 range depending on length, heads and grips. This is a tour weighted shaft for players seeking the ultimate tour shaft with proven $-Taper Mid TURajectory and Low Spin performance.

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ShaftFlexWeightTipButt ODLength
$-TAPER HT S Flex 120g .355  - 37.5" - 41"
$-TAPER HT S+ Flex 125g .355  - 37.5" - 41"
$-TAPER HT X Flex 130g .355  - 37.5" - 41"
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