Graphite Design MAD Driver Shafts

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Graphite Design MAD Driver Shafts are brand new for 2018. MAD Wood Shafts in the standard version are available in Lite - Regular - and Stiff Flex. they are designed for exceptional accuracy when the players swing is off even by a fraction. When the head makes an off strike impact naturally the ball flight becomes ill fated, the answer to keeping your ball flight true is the Graphite Design MAD. The standard versions are best suited for beginner to intermediately skilled players.

  • Fairway Wood Shafts Can Be Made By trimming The Driver shaft
  • Purchase Your Heads and Grips with these shafts and we will build them free!
  • Can't find something get in touch - we probably carry it: 559-271-2024

NOTE: Getting your shafts Tipped for Fairway Woods Will Delay Shipping.


Shaft TypeFlexLengthWt.Tip ODTorqueKick ptLaunchSpin
MAD 45 A Lite 46″ 50g .335″ 6.4 LOW HIGH MID
MAD 45 R Regular 46″ 50g .335″ 6.3 LOW HIGH MID
MAD 55 R Regular 46″ 60g .335″ 4.7 LOW/MID MID/HIGH MID
MAD 55 S Stiff 46″ 61g .335″ 4.6 LOW/MID MID/HIGH MID
MAD 65 R Regular 46″ 66g .335″ 4.4 LOW/MID MID/HIGH LOW/MID
MAD 65 S Stiff 46″ 68g .335″ 4.4 MID MID LOW/MID
MAD 75 S Stiff 46″ 75g .335″ 3.8 MID MID LOW/MID
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