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FREEFLEX Driver Shafts

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The recommended swing weight can be between D1~D4 (38-series) and D0~D3 (45-series). 
When fitting the shaft to the club head, be sure to trim only from the butt end. Also, the butt end can be cut in small increments for you to try at various driver build lengths to fit your best feel and swing weight.

For this purpose, we also recommend the grip be put on the shaft with only the grip solvent (without grip tape), so that it can be easily applied and removed (even easier if air pressure gun is available) during this trial process.
When the ideal length and swing weight has been determined for your swing, then the tape can be used to affix the grip permanently.

The spine indicator can be facing up (or down) at address. That indicator is where the shaft is the strongest at. Another tip about the spine indicator is, if you have it facing up at address, having it turned slightly to 10 or 11 o'clock position when fit, may help to lessen hooks and draws. Similarly, setting it at 1 or 2 o'clock may help a slice.

Adjustable hosel will affect it just as any other shaft when adjusted to new lofts or angles, so keep the above in mind.


Remember to try at various swing weights and driver lengths to find your optimal performance.

We thank you for your kind support in being a part of our FreeFlex Team, and hope our shaft adds more enjoyment to your game!

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