Miura MG HB-3 or HB-4 Hybrid HEAD .350 hosel RH NEW

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The MG moves smoothly and strongly through the turf, thanks to experiments done with the sole.

We developed a method called Circle Cut, in which we cut a line through the sole in a strategic spot. This creates a second tier; a step, if you will. And of course, this moves the center of gravity -- but not to its lowest point, as we thought it might. Instead, the Circle Cut Sole puts the CG in the best place -- low, to be sure, but not bottomed out.

Now, the center of gravity contributes to a forceful flight that stays on line, even as it gains enough height to hold the green on landing.

Other features are more subtle, but no less important. The I.P. black finish makes the MG look more compact, which focuses player concentration at address. And the sole relief in the toe and heel is calculated to optimize that turf travel.

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