Maltby IS0-T Driver Heads

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  • IS0-T Driver
  • IS0-T Driver
  • IS0-T Driver
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Maltby IS0-T Driver Heads Features:

  • Manufactured using the most advanced Aerospace forging process available.
  • Isothermal forging of Titanium eliminates variations that can occur in temperature during manufacturing (that can negatively affecting the mechanical properties of the titanium), resulting in a more consistent high performance part.
  • By maintaining the consistency of the mechanical properties and grain structure of the titanium over the entire head, performance is enhanced through more precise control of the wall thickness in all areas of the design.
  • Features VFT (Variable Face Thickness) in a cup-face design that optimizes ball speeds over the entire surface of the face.
  • First golf club in history manufactured using the Isothermal Forging manufacturing process
  • Low spin producing driver head enhances distance and accuracy
  • Sole weight (8 grams) positioned back and deep into the head to optimize spin with each trajectory option.
  • Overall shape and 455cc head volume designed to appeal to all types of players.
  • High Moment of Inertia (4495 g cm²)
  • Available in 3 loft options - 9.5⁰, 10.5⁰ and 11.5⁰



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