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Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper Heads

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  • Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper Heads
  • Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper Heads - Side
  • Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper Heads - Back


Our Dynacraft Hindsight Chipper Heads were created for recreational golfers who struggle with chipping around the green with conventional clubs. If you or one of your customers routinely chili dips, double-hits or can’t keep the ball on the green when you chip, then this is the club to provide the proper chipping technique. First, you need to understand what a chip is. A chip is a firm-wristed stroke that is designed to hit the ball low, carry a short distance and then run out. To successfully chip, the ball is placed back in the stance with the hands forward so you hit down on the ball and the hands lead all the way.

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