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Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord Golf Club Grips

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Golf Pride Tour Velvet BTC Cord golf club grips are all weather grips that are built for traction. Golf Pride boasts that the Tour Velvet have won the most out of all other cord grips while on tour. They are also the most widely used cord grip on tour and have a cotton twill fiber that is tightly weaved therefore providing the golfer with a more comfortable feel in the grip, this is Tour Velvet BTC Cords standard brushed cotton technology.


  • Firm cord grip
  • Cotton Cord Technology
  • High moisture management
  • High surface texture
  • Colors: Black


Material Brushed Cotton Cord
Core Size .580 / .600 - Ribbed / Round
Weight 50.5g - 52.5g
Outside Diameter Standard




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