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Golf Grips

Golf Grips

  • Winn NTP Putter Grips
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    Winn NTP Putter Grips 1.10" Midsize+


    Price $15.99
    Winn NTP Putter Grips are a consistent no-taper unique pistol profile. The NTP is designed to promote light and even grip pressure to eliminate added movement during the putting stroke. The 1.10” diameter midsize+ provides added stability. Textures...
    Price $15.99
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Tour Shop Fresno stocks the best high quality Golf Grips from BTC corded grip to round and Align. Find top brand names like Avon, Golf Pride, Lampkin, Miura, Super Stroke and many more.

What Your Grips Do For You

Not only to we have the perfect grips for your new shafts but we also have do it yourself re-grip kits so you can save money while putting some brand new grips on your old but favorite clubs. Every golfer knows the difference in performance and control when using those wore out dirty old Golf Grips that have lost all their tackiness compared to a good set of tacky golf grips installed on your shafts. For the low price of grips and an hour of your time you can have those old clubs playing like new again.


Premium Cork Putter Grips

We even have the new Cork Putter Grips that are premium putter-grips and made from real high quality cork leather. If you would like a better feel and control for your short game then you better get one of these quality cork leather putter grips before your friends show up for a round of golf and they have them before you and the beat you on the green all day long.

Looking For Something Special

If you find that we do not carry your favorite line of grips please reach out to us either on our contact form or by calling us at , call us 559-271-2024

Need Help Installing Your New Grips

For those who have never attempted the DIY method of switching out the old grips with a new set you may feel that it sounds too difficult. Do you think that it is above your skill level and much to tedious a task? Thinking this job could only be completed by a seasoned pro at the local golf shop for a hefty fee? Well rest assured the task is quite easy and the skill level needed to complete the task is very minimal. Just watch our short self hep video to teach you in less that 5 minutes how to re-grip like a master and then pick out your favorite set of quality grips from our huge selection.