Miura High Bounce Tour Wedges

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Miura Forged Baby Blade Irons

“I have a special pride in this club,” Mr. Miura says. “That’s because it’s so easy to hit.” A small blade? Easy to hit? In Mr. Miura’s innovative mind, it makes sense. He doesn’t buy in to the myth that small, blade-like heads must be hard to hit. Instead, he encourages golfers to try this pleasing design. The smaller size — 15 percent smaller overall — makes the clubhead easier to square up at impact. But Mr. Miura was careful to make the face dense and substantial, to deliver a robust impact and an aggressive ball flight.

A sole grind, including subtle heel and toe relief, enhance the playability of this iron and ensure the best path for the club head thru the turf.  “I’m always looking for new ways to help golfers hit the ball more easily,” Mr. Miura says. “With this design, you really just have to put your swing on it” — and here he smiles — “In a way, we’ve done the thinking for you, so you can just play and enjoy.”

Clubs are built to standard Miura specifications:

  • Includes True Temper Dynamic Gold Shafts
  • Available flex R / S / X
  • Includes Black Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip
  • Clubs Are Cut To Standard Playing Lengths

Need Modifications To The Standard Club?

  • Call Us At: 559-271-2024
  • Or e-mail us through our contact page

Head Specs:


Loft Bounce Head Weight Lie Angle Club Length
50º 298g 64º 35.50"
52º 10º 298g 64º 35.50"
54º 12º 300g 64º 35.25"
56º 14º 304g 64º 35.25"
58º 12º 304g 64º 35.00"
60º 12º 304g 64º 35.00"
62º 14º 304g 64º 35.00"

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