Miura LH Wedge Series - Stock Club

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Miura LH Wedge Series clubs come in three different lofts of 51 degrees, 55 degrees, and 59 degrees. The LH wedge series also comes in a highly polished and very stylish satin chrome and satin black finish. Our stock wedge series come equipped with standard playing length spine aligned True Temper Dynamic gold shafts and black Pure Pro grips. For changes to the stock club contact us via email or phone by the number provided below. Custom options and many shafts or grips can be installed though pricing will very, for shaft and grip options contact us for details.

Many Other Shaft & Grip Options Available - Please Contact Us !

Clubs are built to standard Miura specifications:

  •   Dynamic Gold Steel Shafts - Spine Aligned
  •   Miura Grips by Pure - Black Pure Pro
  •   Standard Iron Playing Lengths
  •   Standard Loft, Lie and Swing Weight

Need Modifications To The Standard Club?

  • Call Us At: 559-271-2024
  • Or e-mail us through our contact page
  51 55 59
Loft (degrees) 51 55 59
Lie (degrees) 63.0 63.0 63.0
Weight (grams) 296 297 298