Miura Forged Left Hand Stock Black Wedge

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The Miura Forged Left Hand Stock Black Wedge has all of the same features as the standard Miura Black Wedge but now allows left handed golfers the chance to reap the benefits of playing Miura's Black Wedge. Not only do the left hand model of Miura Wedges have the same time tested and proven performance, feel and control of their right handed counter parts but the dark finish acts as an anti glare. Now players will not be blinded while lining up shots on sunny days. The Miura LH Wedge comes in three standard lofts, 51, 55, and 59 degrees and they are perfect for popping the ball high while digging out of a wet sand trap or rough grass.

Clubs are built to standard Miura specifications:

  •   Dynamic Gold Steel Shafts - Spine Aligned
  •   Miura Grips by Pure - Black Pure Pro
  •   Standard Iron Playing Lengths
  •   Standard Loft, Lie and Swing Weight

Need Modifications To The Standard Club?

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51 55 59
Loft (degrees) 51 55 59
Lie (degrees) 63.5 63.5 63.5
Weight (grams) 297 304 307
Bounce (degrees) 8 8 10