Miura 1957 Series KM-350 Putter - Stock Putter

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Miura 1957 Series KM-350 Putter, renamed to KM-008, comes equipped with the Nippon N.S.PRO PUTTER D2 shaft for our standard stock putter. We have many other shaft options available for our our KM-350 putter just contact us with your needs and we will build the Miura putter to your specifications with your chosen components, though pricing will vary from our stock 1957 Series KM-350 Putter model. The KM-350 putter heads go through the exact same forging process used by Miura for all of their irons so consistency and quality are guaranteed. Players enjoy the classic look of the weighted off set blade and  the Nickel Satin finish. The KM-350 Putter weighs 350 grams and wraps performance, forgiveness and distance all into one.

Many Other Shaft & Grip Options Available - Please Contact Us !

Clubs are built to standard Miura specifications:

  •   Nippon N.S.PRO PUTTER D2 shaft
  •   Miura Grips by Pure - Black
  •   Standard Putter Playing Length of (unless you request

Need Modifications To The Standard Club?

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