Miura KJ Choi COLLECTOR Iron Set - #300 of 300 LAST Set ever made.

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 Miura KJ Choi Set 4-PW, GW, SW CB-501 Set 299/300 with Display Case

CB-501 Miura KJ Choi Set Special Edition in honor of his winning the US Open. 

This is set Serial # 299 of the only 300 sets made in Japan; these are now collectors items.

The nine clubs in this set (4-PW plus 54- and 59-degree wedges) are built to K.J. Choi's exact specifications, with KBS Tour Stiff flex shafts and PURE Miura logo grips. There are only 300 sets of these LIMITED EDITION Miura clubs. Each set comes with a letter of authenticity signed by K.J. Choi and Katsuhiro Miura.

  • We custom build Miura clubs to your specifications and they are typically less expensive than this special set; set cost is primarily a direct function of the cost of the shafts used, high performance graphite shafts can be very expensive compared to most steel shafts.

Note: Miura dealers sign an agreement to not put pricing on the internet. If your seeing pricing anywhere, they are not a legitimate Miura dealer, or may have already had their dealer status cancelled.

Miura KJ Choi Set