Miura Giken CB-1008 Stock Iron Golf Clubs

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Miura Giken CB-1008 Stock Iron Golf Clubs designs some of the most premium forged blades in the world and they now offer subtle forgiveness that generally works best for skilled players. There are two different elements of forgiveness engineered into the Miura CB-1008, one helps with control and preventing those nasty off center strikes, where as, the other helps player get better launch, as well as, height. Forged from a very soft carbon-steel and with a very slight cavity-back, the CB-1008 combines this with a thick muscle back and widened sole. The result equals longer iron shots and a comfortable swing.

Important Purchasing Information:

  • Includes True Temper Dynamic Gold Shafts
  • Available flex R / S / X
  • Includes Pure Pro grip (Black)
  • Clubs Are Cut To Standard Playing Lengths

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