Miura Black Wedge Series

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  • Miura Black Wedge Series Stock Wedges
  • Miura Black Wedge Series Stock Wedges with True Temper Dynamic Gold Shafts
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The Miura Black Wedge Series were designed with lower handicap golfers in mind.
Players also love the black finish which not only looks amazing but keeps that pesky sun from glaring into their eyes on sunny days.
Miura's black wedges are a bit smaller than other Miura wedge models.
They will also get a somewhat rusty faded look over time which gives them a sort of antique and timeless look.
The Black Wedge Series are forged muscle-back and they are also compact featuring a low profile.
Players know that Miura has been a quality focused company for over six decades and the Miura Black Wedge Series are no exception.
When it comes to premium quality that surpasses many golfers expectations  the Miura Black Wedge is a top choice.

Many Other Shaft & Grip Options Available - Please Contact Us !

Clubs are built to standard Miura specifications:

  • Includes True Temper Dynamic Gold Shafts
  • Available flex R300 / S200 / S300 / S400 / X100
  • Includes Black Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip
  • Clubs Are Cut To Standard Playing Lengths

Need Modifications To The Standard Club?

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  • Or e-mail us through our contact page


  50 52 54 56 58 60
Loft 50 52 54 56 58 60
Lie 63.5 63.5 63.5 63.5 63.5 63.5
Offset 0.080 0.080 0.075 0.070 0.040 0.025
Bounce Angle 5 6 8 9 8 7
Steel Shaft            
Finished Length 35.25 35.25 35 35 34.75 34.75
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