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Alpha Response Offset Fairway with Tour AD F Series FWY Shaft + Grip

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Grip Included:
Black Tour Velvet
Other Shafts/Grips Available:
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  • Response Offset Fairway
  • Tour AD F Series
  • Tour Velvet Grip


Alpha Response Offset Fairway Wood Heads greatly improves on the three major factors of any golfers fairway-game which are the initial-velocity, ball spin, and the launch angle. Players have also boasted of increases in distance while playing with Alpha's response Offset Fairway Wood. Golfers who have trouble with a bad slice which is caused by outside inside swing path can correct their ball path because of the 4mm offset in these fairway woods.

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel
  • Black gloss body
  • Brushed steel face
  • 335 hosel diameter
  • Offset design

Clubs are built to standard specifications:

  •   Graphite Design Tour AD F Series Shafts - Spine Aligned
  •   Black Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip
  •   Standard Driver Playing Length
  •   Standard Loft, Lie and Swing Weight

Free Assembly

  • Can't find something get in touch - we probably carry it.

IMPORTANT Shipping Details

  • If your purchase requires custom work it will not ship out for 3 - 5 business days!
  • Handling time will still be 3 - 5 business days before shipping even on express or overnight orders
  • We still need time to perform the custom work - Thank You For Your Understanding


Lofts 15° 18° 21°
Volume 200cc 180cc 160cc
Face Angle
Lie 57.5° 58° 58.5°
Weight 210g 220g 230g
Face Height 35mm 35mm 35mm
Length 43" 42" 41"
Swing Weight D2 D2 D2


Shafts Specifications:

Shaft TypeFlexLengthWt.Tip ODTip Para.Butt ODTorqueKick ptLaunchSpin
Tour AD F-55 R2 Lite/Senior 44″ 59g .335″ 3.0″ .598″ 5.0 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-55 R1 Regular 44″ 60g .335″ 3.0″ .598″ 5.0 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-55 S Stiff 44″ 60g .335″ 3.0″ .602″ 5.0 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-65 SR Stiff Regular 44″ 68g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 3.3 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-65 S Stiff 44″ 68g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 3.3 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-65 X X-Stiff 44″ 70g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 3.3 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-75 S Stiff 44″ 77g .335″ 3.0″ .598″ 3.2 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-75 X X-Stiff 44″ 79g .335″ 3.0″ .602″ 3.2 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-85 S Stiff 44″ 89g .335″ 3.0″ .602″ 2.8 LOW HIGH MID
Tour AD F-85 X X-Stiff 44″ 91g .335″ 3.0″ .604″ 2.8 LOW HIGH MID
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