Nippon N S Pro Regio Formula B Driver Shafts - NXFIT INSTALLED - Graphite

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NXFIT Installed:

Nippon N S Pro Regio Formula B Driver Shafts are part of the NxFit Studio program.
Players know how difficult it can be to find an authorized NxFit studio dealer in the US.
Tour Shop Fresno not only carries Regio Formula B Graphite Driver Shafts but several other NxFit models.
Nippon engineers designed the Regio Formula B with a rubber core shell and premium grade carbon fibers.

Players can expect:

  • Optimized Launch Angel
  • Decreased Ball Spin
  • Longer Distance
  • Better Control
  • If you purchase A Driver Head and Grip with this shaft we will Assemble Your Driver for Free!
  • Can't find something get in touch - we probably carry it: 559-271-2024