Aldila Shafts

Aldila Shafts

Popularity of Aldila Shafts

Aldila Shafts are one of the most popular graphite golf shafts played in professional championships. Their success extends not only to the PGA Tour but to amateur golfers as well. They are one of the leading manufacturers of carbon-fiber golf shafts. At their manufacturing plant they continue to improve on both design and performance. Their engineers develop quality carbon fibers to produce drivers, hybrids, and irons that are durable and offer plenty of feel. They ensure not only proper control but optimal performance.

Aldila Golf Shafts Performance

Players have been using Aldila shafts for years because of their game boosting qualities. In fact, they provide comfort, improved accuracy, and increase distance. As any golfer knows that these three factors are all very important to improving their game. Whether you are a touring professional or just a beginner, they have a graphite model to help you improve your game. They can be purchased from any authorized dealer like Tour Shop Fresno.

Aldila Golf Shafts Are Carbon-Fiber

Aldila shafts are among the best high performance graphite models being produced in today's market. They have a very unique feel which is much different from other carbon-fiber brands. Aldila Shafts have designed several different models in order to meet any players needs regardless of their swing speed or experience level. Carbon fiber clubs are more expensive than steel brands. With this in mind though, graphite clubs are considered to be superior over steel models. During the manufacturing  process they are usually coupled with one of the following technologies:

  •  Micro Laminate Technology
  •  S-CORE Technology
  •  Reverse Inter-laminar Placement
Other Aldila Golf Shafts Highlights

Aldila Shafts not only influence ones game play but they also fit most of today's high performance heads. If you are looking to gain maximum distance and accuracy then one of Aldila's drivers will make a great addition to your set of clubs. However, if you are trying to upgrade to a premium set of irons then they are also a great choice. This is because they have many options to fit most players profiles. Their irons are manufactured with a dynamic range of materials and designs to improve a golfers game. They also have a superb selection of hybrids for those looking to built a more complete set of golf clubs. To sum it up, Aldila shafts are a design and technological marvel, unique in their features and play-ability.