Adjust Loft and Lie - Iron (each)

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While heads and shafts are being manufactured pretty consistently these days, variances in heads, shafts, and assembly involved often effect incremental distances and direction within a set.  When this happens, Loft and Lie can be adjusted on forged heads, and some softer cast heads, to achieve changes in the direction and distance of a club.

For example, if a wedge is averaging 103 yards but 100 yards is the desired average distance, loft can be adjusted to change this. Or, if your seven iron averages 150 yards, six iron averages 163 yards, and five iron averages 170 yards, your six iron can be adjusted to average 160 yards, or your 5 iron can be adjusted to average 175 yards. NOTE: all iron average distances need to be determined before randomly adjusting clubs.

The height and posture of a player has a direct effect on direction: tall players need a different lie than a short player. This is why you will sometimes see the toe of an iron pointing upward for a short player with standard length clubs; this will cause the ball to go left of where a normal setup should launch the ball.

For 8 clubs, purchase 8 of these, etc.